"楊林"means"a populus forest", call me Yang Lin just fine.

Grew up in a small coastal town, an hour bus ride to the shore, yep, coastal……

Just an ordinary guy more partial to the architectures and human landscapes in the north of the subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest and the temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest.

Wanna move to Japan, or other cities outside the China.

Miss the time when I cycled along the XX Avenue West, the place I stayed for three years, and the convenience store I can buy some snacks or drinks after school at night.

Have a good command of Cantonese.

Love cycling.

Like to, and often photograph on the rooftop of buildings with friends, safely and legally of course, But now I think "insta repeat sucks". Anyway, go outside and have a photoshoot is good.

Use the Space, Uppercase and Lowercase correctly, or you will be arrested~

iMessage user.

As a reader of yitianshijie, I supposed Apple Watch White Ceramic Case and Arc’teryx Veilance are good for my health.

Parental advisory words and pornographic memes are OK with me.

A hug, or something physically existed are far better than send me a"Happy Birthday".


One who likes animals, such as muscle bear.

Small phone lover.

Sucker for fresh milk.

Code mixing is good.

Fuck WeChat.

Fuck GFW.

Fuck every Chinese tech giant.

No more confusing abbreviations and buzzwords.

No more anti-intellectualism.

TikTok is not allowed in my house.

Buy second-hand products instead of brand new to save our planet. 🌎

Buy the food nearing its expiration date to save money.

Some keywords about digital things: Open Web/聚碳酸酯/OLED/SFSafariViewController/HomeIndicator/USB Type-C

The app I’m using: Tweetbot/Moke/Reeder/Timeflower/Aurora Dictionary/iA Writer/Pin/Pixelmator/Bobby/Enpass/Lightroom Classic/Apple Maps/iBooks/Alfred

I’m fond of these movies: Westworld Season 3/Love, Death & Robots/Alita: Battle Angel/Upgrade/Venom/Alien/District 9/Blade Runner/Altered Carbon Season 1/Harry Potter/Disenchantment/Gravity Falls

Recommend some albums: Social CuesCirclesWild WorldDoom Days介乎法國興旺角的詩意TrenchNativePure Heroine

Recommend some podcasts:

Apple Podcast is replaced by Pocket Casts because of the disgusting censorship in CN.

Recommend some books I’m reading:

As Zig Zag said:"我珍視時間所積澱出的友誼,但時間所致的隔閡如果讓兩人不再有交集、或是分歧之大讓友誼無法繼續,空中樓閣式的關係我覺得不要也罷。理性決定的背後必然是感性上的痛苦,這是無可避免的。


I’m using these tools.

You can find me here.