Yang Lin, a part time labor as well as a low-income college student in the margins of Guangzhou, forced himself to press the shutter button more often for digitizing his memories, since 2021.

Besides, that guy is saving money for a Leica M10-P or M10-D or whatever something well-designed except the factitious middle class people in Zhujiang New Town.



A handwriting poetry on the wall.

A soon-to-open hotel.


Overlooked Hong Kong.

An ocean liner in Zhanjiang.

While browsing photo library in the wee hours, this photo reminded me of my mom, she used to pick me up and take me home after school like that when I was a child.

Heping Middle Road, Liwan Guangzhou.

Wondering if I will end up my life on the rooftop.

Pornographic advertising cards.

Construction worker.